Courses & tours

Why not make the most of your vacation by taking a step back in time and "go back to school" in style. During your stay in Umbria you can participate in numerous types of courses and lessons, held privately for you and your group, or in larger groups. Professional teachers or expert tourist and naturalist guides are available on demand.



Private chef services - Cooking Classes


A classic Umbrian meal prepared directly in the holiday property, using only the best local and seasonal ingredients and Umbrian DOC wines. Book in advance a local chef for cooking service, events, cooking demonstrations and classes.


Chef Anna is a talented chef with 25 years of experience, she proposes an Umbrian traditional menu or a Gourmet menu, with recipes of the Italian tradition, paired with the best Umbrian and Italian wines


☎ 0039 3497844301 



ArteLingua Italian Language School


Professional courses tailored for foreign learners, try a full-immersion classe of Italian language, culture and way of life or the online courses.

Take a look at their various Italian programs that include lifestyle, gastronomy, tradition, literature, music, walkings, wine tastings, guided tours, cinema. They offer much more: passion, enthusiasm and genuine care go into each and every hour they teach and this guarantees an experience of a lifetime.



Guided tours/Urban Trekkings


A large variety of guided tours in the countryside or in the main cities of art in Umbria and the central part of Italy. Customized tours for groups or individuals.

Professional guides specialize in planning Umbrian tours to its most enchanting sites.


Love Umbria Tours


Umbrian gastronomy and tasting tours


Life Italian Style: find out more about fun excursions, private chef service, bicycle tours, picnic lunches, cooking classes, winery tours, farm tours, tour of the ancient olive mills tasting of Umbrian genuine olive oil - and more - all from an eno-gastronomical point of view!


Love Umbria Tours: Wine tours in central Italy, truffle hunting trips, luxury cooking vacations in Umbria and guided tours of some of Italy's most beautiful cities.

Wine Tasting Tour


A wine tour will take you away from the crowds and introduce you to the people behind the wines. You will enjoy a wonderful Umbrian lunch and, of course, sample some of the best wines in the world directly in the wineries.  All this in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, visiting vineyards and winemakers, experiencing open country roads, the views of charming green hills dotted with farmhouses, topped by picturesque medieval towns.


Horse/mule/donkey riding


In the countryside around Spoleto or in the amazing mountains of Sibillini national Park.

For groups or families with children.

You can ride a mule or walk close to your mule while takes your backpack, like rural people used to do in the past ages.

A relaxing, funny experience in deep contact with nature.


Trekking, nature walking Tours

In Umbria you can enjoy landscaped of great suggestions and practice many outdoor sports in parks and protected areas.

The mountains and green hills with olive groves around Spoleto are the perfect set for daily trekkings with guide discovering fortified villages, towers, ancient little churches and Abbeys with painted crypts.

Don't miss the panoramic "Franciscan Footpath" or the beautiful "Footpath of Olive Trees".


Raftig - Hydrospeed - Canyoning


In Umbria, beneath the Marmore falls, there is an ideal place for rafting: the fabulous descent of rapids on a rubber dinghy. The Nera river bubbles over the rocks for over 3 kilometers, forming rapids, surrounded by lush vegetation, in a beautiful tropical-like setting. No particular skills are required. There are also easy and funny itineraries for children or families.


Vespa Tour of Umbria


The region of Umbria is perfect to be discovered by Vespa: the area you can cover in a day on a Vespa 125 is sufficient to give you a huge variety of impressions, yet small enough to enable you to take them all in and to thoroughly enjoy the experience. 

There are delightful back roads passing through rolling pastureland and vine-covered valleys. But these roads are not just beautiful – they lead you to picturesque towns.


Bike tours - MTB, Electric bikes


Cycling tracks and itineraries of a day or more. Mountains. hills, lakes, rivers: Umbria's variety of landscapes offers endless possibilities for any kind of cyclist, from experts to beginners and Sunday riders. Bike tours can be associated with genuine pic-nic lunches along the way, prepared by a local cook or food&wine tastings (or a complete meal) in a very good Umbrian restaurant.

Rent your bike and plan your tour with Zafferano Bike rental and Tours or Umbria E-bike.


Winter tours in the mountains


Tours with guide - of all levels, also suitable for families with children - in the snowy scenery of Sibillini mountains: walkings, cross-country sky, nordic sky, snow rackets. On demand, can be planned hikings followed by traditional meals, based on local tasty products like lentils, sausages, cheeses and truffles. In Umbrian natural parks and mountains is not unusual to see eagles, deer, chamois, foxes and the tracks of wolves, which still live in the mountain forests.



Outdoor activities for children and families


There is a huge variety of experiences for families. Children can try donkey or mule riding, rent bikes (it is possible to rent carriages for babies to be annexed at parents' bikes), walk along easy footpaths in the woods. Children enjoy soft rafting along the river Nera and the large Activo Park, a surprising adventure park near the village of Scheggino, r Città della Domenica, near Perugia. They can visit an educational farm and take part to the olive harvesting or discover how to press the olives in the traditional mills.





In Umbria there are several SPAS where visitors can enjoy massages, beauty treatments, sauna.

Indoor swimming pools.




Gym and swimming pool


Villas and country houses have private swimming pools sonme of them are heatable, for the mid season.

The vacation apartments are located in the city centres and guests can enjoy the public swimming pools of the towns.

They are easily connected to the centre by bus or can be reached on foot.

There are outdoor pools with nice parks and indoor heated pools for the colder periods. Some of them have a gym.