Special events


We can organize a large variety of events: parties, family reunions, weddings, ceriemonies, anniversaries.


Our experienced partners will provide catering service, shuttle service, photographic service ... and all our guests may require for a memorable event.

Seminaries, courses, meetings


Art, music, dance, yoga, Italian language and culture, painting, nature, gastronomy...


We have the perfect locations - historic villas, ancient monasteries, medieval hamlets - for seminaries, meetings and study abroad programs. Our Programs are tailored for large or small groups of people.

We cooperate with English speaking teachers and professors.

Please enquiry about our PROGRAM, you'll have a list of activities and locations.

Taxi Transfer, reservation of car/bus/minivan with driver


From/to the airports, in Umbria or other Italian locations




Tickets and Reservations


For Restaurants, art festivals, exhibitions or special events


In House chef

An excellent chef will prepare a memorable meal according to your special needs



Bike or motorbike rental


Bikes available for short or long term rentals.

Vespa motorbike for rent



Car rental


Car rental in Umbrian towns or at the airports