In and around Umbrian historic cities

4 reasons to choose a villa or an apartment for your holiday in Italy

1 - Family friendly

Multi generational families can stay together and talk in front of a fire place, or sitting in a table for lunch; all family members can share experiences and unforgettable moments taking part to the local daylife.


2 - Outdoor private spaces and view

What a privilege to have a garden with flowers where having meals, a panoramic roof terrace where having an aperitif at sunset or a pool to sunbath and swim with friends or children.


3 - Linger

Free time is a major luxury for most of us, but if you can afford an extra day or two, spend it! It’s like driving: the slower you go, the more you’ll see.


4 - Stay Local. You’re likely to be in a residential neighborhood, surrounded by locals, and you get to explore a place from the inside out. Go to a concert, to the theatre, participate to a local food festival, go buy food at the open market or simply stroll around; these activities are fun and allow travellers learning language and traditions of the place.


ENJOY THIS SENSATIONAL VIDEO of Umbria, done by the renowed photographer Steve McCurry.